Optional animal shows:

Masters of adaptation

Humorous, informative, live animal show where visitors can see the diverse world of species that make up the urban community. By the end of the show, we prove that our living environment and cities are great habitats for adaptive creatures. In the show, these fantastic city dwellers are represented by the smallest ones (mice, rats) to the largest (fox, dog). Duration: 1 hour

Small ornithology

The versatile adaptation of birds that inhabit our entire planet fascinates people every day. During the demonstration, special attention is given to the species that allow for direct observation and intimate relationship by feeding, drinking. To illustrate this point, the easy-to-maintain species (parrots, geraniums, canaries, finches), which can be traded on the market, populate the stage, showing the habitats, nutritional and behavioral characteristics of diverse birdlife. Duration: 1 hour


The session begins with describing the development of dogs, and we discuss the presumed ways of the origin of different breeds of dogs. We pay special attention to the presentation and popularization of nine Hungarian breeds. During the session, we see dogs at work: we can witness their discipline, their zealousness, their fanciful love. Meanwhile, there are many practical tips for prospective and practicing pet owners about how to choose a dog, how to care for it, and learn about how to teach basic tasks. Duration: 1 hour

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