„Thanks a lot for cooperating during our wedding. The children loved the games and the playing corner, so did the adults. With your help, they were able to actually party, given that the kids were distracted. We had about 40 children, without you and your programmes, it would have been quite the chaos. Thanks for living up to your name, and being child-friendly. This helped the kids have as much fun as the adults.” (Gönczi Gábor and Szlama Ildikó)

„We can heartily recommend the services of the Child-friendly Wedding to whomever wants the little ones to have fun on the big day. Professional work, it feels like a family! Thanks a lot once again, we hope you have many more happy events.” (T. Cs.)

„We knew that having the kids supervised is a good idea, otherwise they would have gone home early, or they might not have come at all. However, we weren’t expecting them to be this excited and to be preoccupied from the afternoon all the way into the evening. Based on their feedback, our wedding felt like a huge party to the children as well, they were looking forward to sleeping on mattresses, telling others about the experience on the playground. We got praises even after many months. Thank you and the animators for making the day unforgettable even for our smallest ones.” (Á. A.)

„Once we thought up our wedding and began to organise it, we knew we had to find a team who would help us streamline it, especially helping families with smaller children. By a chain of recommendations we met the leader of Child-friendly Weddings, and it was a good recommandation! The team works with qualified educators, they immediately find the common denominator with the children. Everything went great on our big day! Thank you once again!” (B.M.)

„The kids loved the atmosphere provided by Child-friendly Weddings as it was. They could play carelessly, and every parent said that our choice was great! The wedding was magical, and not only thanks to the adults.” (E.Zs.)

„Child-friendly Weddings delivered on their promise! The kids had lots of fun during the wedding, so the parents could party with us. Ákos joining the photoshoot with the giand bubbles was an experience in its own, the photos were fantastic! We recommend the Child-friendly Weddings and GIANT BUBBLES teams to anyone who has children invited to their wedding. Thank you once again!” (K.G.)

„We saw first them at the Wedding Expo, and we already knew in that moment, that kids will be in good hands. 50 young kids, from 1 year old to 12 years olds, everyone has a great memory. Ákos payed attention to the smallest details too, every parent was telling superlatives about the Kid-Friendly Weddings! I recommend them with lots of love, let it be a party about a birthday, a child’s day, a buisness event or a wedding!”

(K. B.)

„It is easy to comment on good things: With two young kids, life is full of joy, but sometimes we have to give up on some things too, because anywhere we go, they will be in the middle, and we try to organize every program around them. At the wedding this was different, you were there, and took off the weight of the „problem” from my shoulder, so I didnt have to take care of kids. We could freely celebrate, without feeling guilt, because I know that our kids are in good hands, and they are happy.They loved you, and they are still speaking of the wedding of „Batyi”, and they are asking us to go back to play more.”

(B. A.)

„The team of the Kid-friendly Wedding gave us a huge help on the day, what we were waiting for, in our entire life. We wished to make this day special to Patrik, our 5 years old son too, because he is another main caracter of this event! I spent long nights by searching for the best service, on the internet, who can make our big day never-to-be-forgotten. This is how I found the website of the Kid-Friendly Wedding service, and I knew at the first moment, that they are the right one! Our fist meeting with Akos just convinced us even more. Akos was very likeable for Patrik! Almost all night, we couldnt see our „little guests” , just only at the important moments, and they ran back after it immediately to the kids corner, where everybody could watch them, as they were coloring, playing, watching a cartoon or ate their dinners. The professionalism of the service, and their love for kids was visible, every parent is still talking about them!”

(Cs. P. M.)

„We are very happy, that you could participate in our wedding. It was an unbelieveable huge help, that you were taking care of the kids. We didnt think, that we wont see them all night, thanks to the many-many toys that you brought to them – and of course, that you were playing with them with lots of love. I am sure that I will recommend your service to our friends! Good luck!”

(SZ. O.)

Reference places

  • Bánó Mária Kastélyszálló, Felsőmocsolád
  • Borkatakomba Étterem
  • Citadella Panorama Restaurant
  • Europa hajó
  • Hilton Hotel Budapest
  • KOGArt Ház
  • Kopaszi gát – Öböl Ház Rendezvényközpont
  • Petneházy Club Hotel
  • Prónay-kastély, Alsópetény
  • Spoon hajó
  • Ybl Palota Rendezvényközpont
  • Zsófia Rendezvényhajó

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