Bed time

There is no need for the parents to worry about getting home quickly, when their children get sleepy.

Face painting

Face painting is a popular activity of our service, which makes the event more colorful and joyful!


Kids of all ages like our special toy car, called the Bobocar, which has no pedals on it!

Clown show

Our clown show is cheerful with lots of music, and interactive activities, which involve the entire audience.

Magic show

This intuitive and interactive stage show includes lots of fun, games and music, allowing the guests to see exciting tricks.

Glitter tattoo

The glitter tattoo is one of the m,ost populkar form of body painting. The glitter tattoo that we use, is made from skin-friendly materials.

Vintage movie projector

Every generation finds happiness in watching the stories of old times. „The tale, that has a sent!”


The photo corner creates an everlasting memory of this childlike experience.

Kid’s table

This service is perfect help for those parents, who want to have a separate table, which is specially set up for their kids.

Musician’s corner

With our instrumentalist babysitters the kids can try out and play new exciting musical instruments.

Henna painting

The henna painting is an also popular activity of our childcare service. It makes the event more colorful and fun!

Sand pictures

This is a work of art for kids, when children may create a sand picture artifact by spitting colorful sand with their own hands.

Interactive magic show

We use illustrative tools, that grant kid’s constant attention, and helps them to understand easily the message.

Play corner

In this play corner everybody can find a game they like. It can be indoors and outdoors as well.

Caricature drawing

Caricatures or portraits are beautiful and personal gifts at weddings, and every kid likes to get gifts.

Bilingual wedding

The frequence of bilingual weddings are increasing nowdays, so it may easily occur, that a significant part of kids at the wedding speaks different languages.

Handicraft programs

Our babysitters help kids to make handicrafts, divided into small groups, where children can learn new and exciting handicraft techniques.

Floating ball

The floating ball is a real challenge for arcade game lovers. Based on the words of its Brittish manufacturer, this was the most popular game of the world, in 2012.

Release the balloons

Releasing helium balloons is the most spectacular part of weddings and buisness events. This is exciting for kids and adults too.

Balloon figure making

Making balloon figures is a very popular activity of our childcare service. It makes the event more colorful and fun!

Cartoon watching

To entertain the oldest kids too, we offer our cartoon watching service, where kids can watch exciting documentaries.

Reading fairytales

The most ideal connection between the youngest kids and world of fairytales is when they can use their own imagination.

Mini concert

We offer live music by an interactive funny mini concert. We are using real musical instruments.

Giant bubble making

It is an exclusive experience at weddings, for kids and adults too! We show first our 5-6 m big bubbles, than we teach the kids…

Giant bubble show

After the ceremony or during the gratulations, we make giant bubbles or our bubble maker mashines create thousands of small bubbles.

Outdoor games

The guests can show their talents in a creative way, by using our skill developing games.


At the „Kid’s table” the youngest ones can safely color, paint or use our kid-friendly handicraft tools.

Dance lessons

This service is popular and easily builds community, we recommend it for younger and older kids too.

Tematic kid’s corner

It is more and more frequent request from young couples nowdays, that they choose a „topic” or a „season” for their wedding party.

Bouncy castle

This is one of the most popular activities in our childcare service. A professional bouncing castle with a huge slide, a professional trambouline…


It has an intellectual part first, and the second part, where the players can show their skills and talents in a creative way.


Special interactive sport and game experience at weddings. It is fun and entertainment in the same time, for kids in all ages and adults too!

Baby corner

The Baby corner is a separate playhouse for kids, where parents can relax on the baby mat, and keep an eye on their little ones.

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